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What is ExposedGirls about?

This site is focused on some specific soft-porn niches: public nude girls, nudity embarrassement, caught naked girls and so on. Some people (both men and women) find this situation very arousing, either identifying themselves as the observer or as the subjects. There is a lot of this kind photos and videos on the web, but here at ExposedGirls we try to collect the best quality examples: we focus mainly on amateur content – which is usually the most genuine whith authentic reactions – but you’ll also find some good staged and professional material. Look around and choose your favourite category, all of them are constantly supplied with fresh content!

Welcome on ExposedGirls, the best place if you are a lover of naked girls in particular situations: public, embarrassment (ENF), only one naked, CMNF and naughty selfies. Have fun and come regularly, as the archive is constantly updated!

Some of our categories:

Captions: We all agree that naked girls are sexy, but a little context or short story can make things even more interesting!
Nude selfies: Nude girls taking selfies, showing us their young sexy nakedness
ENF / embarrassed: These nude girls emphatize their nakedness by the most immediate reaction: embarrassment!
Only one naked (OON): How can an already naked girl look even more naked? Being sorrounded by clothed people, of course!
Nude in public: Naked girls in public places – nudism, lost bets or just baldness: beautiful situation in any case!
Caught naked: Pics of naked girls taken just before – or the moment after – they notice there’s a camera pointed at them.

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